People are the key element in the business, with the highest priority at DHN. We are honor to work with passionate, knowledgeable and creative team members. Each and every individual in DHN is talented and able to build priceless values.




Graduated as a mining technicians at … but Mister Doan Hieu Minh was realized in the business world as the youngest ever that bring Rolls-Royce to Vietnam, which has been claimed by a number of experts as a tough environment to consume this luxury product.


Apart from his role as the chairman of DHN Corporation, Mr Doan is also the founder of the first Coking Coal Production Company in Industrial Scale in Vietnam, a mark for the new development of Coking coal industry.


His business philosophy is to synthesize business and community values for a new power. His sayings “Connect to succeed” has become a traditional slogan for DHN’s development.

Chief Executive Officer



Trained in the United Kingdom in Hospitality Management, Mr Trung made use of his knowledge and experiences extracted from European environment in DHN’s management model. As the co-founder and Chief Executive of all activities of DHN Corporation, Mr Trung with his partners create an unique value for DHN, earning recognition from partners, either domestic or international.