Kick start your career at DHN.



At DHN, we always welcome new, cultural-diversified talents to engage in our organisations. Modern business environments and advanced business approach are elements that make us unique.


Either with seasonal or lasting contract, you instantly become one part of DHN’s culture with important contributions. Teamwork spirits express in a strong awareness. We believe that by nurturing a connected environment and to push a possessive awareness, in parallel with giving out opportunities to people will assist us in realizing their full potentials.


We have a deep awareness that people are main driving forces for business success, and we keep looking for methods to reward their efforts. Our personnel was awarded competitive salary and advanced benefits, along with full professional education and training opportunities and development skills.


DHN is also keep moving forward in initialize a flatter organization, which leads to more empowering and more developing chances for all our key staffs and personnel.


If you feel you have something to contribute for our development by giving values for our companies and our customers and in return, receiving a good opportunities for your lasting career, we want to hear from you.